What is the definition of delusional?

In the dark ages, “delusional” was

believing the Earth a circling sphere.

In the early 1900’s, “delusional” was

Joseph Lister telling doctors,

“Wash your hands.”

Today, “delusional” is believing in

meditation, not medication.


What is the definition of life?

Is it quality, quantity, tolerant pain?

When the prognosis is that neither

meditation nor medication prevail, 

when does “delusional” become

wishing life into the walking dead

another day because you can’t see

the drippings of pain unbearable?


What is the definition of “delusional?”

Is it waking during the night, coughing

in tandem with my beloved Vizsla, or

feeling her dizzy of labored breath?

Or is “delusional” the belief that,

“She’s getting better, you simply must

have a positive attitude!”

I don’t know where is me, he or she.