Editing and Shooting Horses


Photo of Vickie Kayuk by TV Kapherr. Check out his amazing shots of horses jumping over logs at  http://backhomeinbromont.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/cross-country-competition-at-cci-three-star-equestrian-event-in-bromont-quebec-3/

Nothing points a shaking finger at shortcomings like a 2-week trip away from home.

You already know that Two on a Rant consists of Vickie and FloridaBorne.  You already know that Vickie accompanied me to Bromont for this visit.  When Vickie traveled to Ottawa for a few days, the following truths became self-evident:

  • Vickie is very articulate, fun as a guest, and immediately grabbed the hearts of our hosts.
  • I, on the other hand, am no longer used to eating dinner with a group of people and I’m not particularly endowed with great verbal story telling or adequate social skills (what a shocker). 

Our past few days:

  • Vickie was visiting friends in Ottawa, running hither and yon to who knows where and doing who knows what.
  • EJ Geras and I were participating in that strenuous mental exercise called extreme editing, accomplished while sitting at the dining room table.  We now have only 100 pages to go, and that should be done by this weekend. 

Vickie came back from her excursion to Ottowa with most of her visitations completed. “Most of” being the direct result of the fact that it rained in Ottowa and in Bromont, Quebec for the past 3 days and it dampened her plans (yes, the obvious pun WAS intended).

Plans for this weekend:

  • TV and Vickie are planning on doing another photo shoot of horses.
  • EJ and I are planning to stay inside and finish editing.

EJ is trying hard to do a great job, but as the editing progresses I find I’m missing things as she is speaking.  She’s able to hold a thought, formulating a correction in her mind and repeating it back so that I can hear how it sounds. That amazes me, as I’m barely capable of holding my bladder.  

4 more days in beautiful Bromont and then we’re on the plane headed for Florida.