First, I married need

Second, I married desperation

Third, I married hypocrisy

Fourth, I married sex

Fifth, I married companionship

Need almost killed me

Desperation swallowed me whole

Hypocrisy tried to kill my children

Sex stripped me of self

Companionship found me again.



You’ll find need at a bar,

Pouring out his life story

with every drink–but

desperation hugs a lifebuoy,

drowning his rescue.



You’ll find hypocrisy in a mirror,

swearing his reflection is at fault,

until his introspection finds another.

Sex for its own sake bores easily, filling

a canyon of want a teaspoon at a time.


Companionship fills the need,

Endures the hardships

Weathers the hypocrisies

Loves the person, not the pleasure,

free to explore the cosmic mind.