Terra Cotta Towels

deco toiletEver wake up after a dream about living in a house with 3 bedrooms and dark reddish-brown tile floors?  During the dream you’re not thinking about who is paying the mortgage on a mansion or how it miraculously stays clean, the house belongs to you and you just know it.  In the dream, I was with a young man (and no, it wasn’t like that, so get your head out of the deco toilet).  Dream world relationships are different from the regular kind.  In this case, we were getting ready to be married.

Inside a pristine open kitchen/living room, I was frantically looking for a phrase.  I can’t remember if it was one we were supposed to say at the wedding,  just that I knew it shouldn’t be that hard to find it again.  I should be able to go right to it.  I should have wondered why I didn’t notice my future husband was a controlling bastard.

My soon-to-be husband stormed out the door complaining about the lack of towels in the bathrooms and telling me the marriage was off.  I looked around the house and for the first time since the dream began I felt comfort–a sense of relief. 

That’s when I stopped should-ing on myself.

I traveled around a city that looked as if it were carved into a forest, finding the wedding chapel.  They called my name, ready to perform the service.  When I told them what happened, I got the slimy smile treatment.

What, you might ask, is a slimy smile?  They told me with their slimy smiles that they were so sorry to hear of the breakup but I owed them money anyway.

I guess there ARE places in dream world that cost money.  Damn!  Suddenly I remember I have a mortgage in Dream World? Who knew?

My last act?  To take a bar of soap that looked like a waffle, divide it between the 3 bathrooms, and plan to rent out the 2 extra rooms so that I could afford to continue living there.    Standing in the bathroom holding a dingy pink towel, I made a profound decision.  Before doing anything else, it was time for a shower.

towelWhen I awoke, I looked up images of reddish-brown towels, wondering why the pictures looked so strange.  Who would want to buy a dish rag with terra cotta design?  If I wasn’t confused before, I’m certainly confused now.