The fog of 3am insomnia


Was there ever a time for 3am?

Why is my inner time clock broken?

Is it because my legs are numb from 1000 pounds of sleeping dog?

Maybe that’s tonights excuse but….

What about the night when there are no dogs trying to break my legs?

Am I up because I’m doggie deprived?

Did I really need that Earl Grey tea with evaporated milk and honey?

Does the cat have diarrhea because he can’t seem to keep his tail out of the dishwater?

It’s 4am.  With any luck, I’ll still be asleep by 10am.  Unfortunately, the Fat White 1000 pound leg breaker thinks it’s her job to start whining at the door if I’m not up by 7:30am.

I’m looking forward to pleasant dreams in the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoo.