Florida weather an eskimo would enjoy


The way trees will look in Florida From Tuesday night until Wednesday morning.

As I sit at the computer eating Key Lime Pie at 3am, I contemplate the irony.  The tree producing the succulent, juicy key limes from which I made the best pie of my life yesterday is quite possibly going to freeze to death tomorrow night.

I’m not worried about myself.  I still have my old snowsuit hanging in the closet, 2 pair of wool socks, gloves suitable for a space walk, and pair of leather hiking boots.  The ski mask is somewhere in the house, probably in the same place as the other 2 doggie sweaters.  

Having lived in the Midwest for many years, I remember the times when it was 40 below.  But houses were made for that kind of weather.  However, Florida is as prepared for weather below 30 as Atlanta is prepared for a category 5 hurricane.

Did I mention that when you live in Florida, anything in the middle of the country more than 100 miles away from a coastline is “midwest?”

My feet are starting to freeze just thinking about it.

That’s my blog for the night–and if the electricity goes out because people with electric blankets on high and electric heaters are trying to keep their bodies at a comfortable 90 degrees it may be a few days before the next blog entry.