My Favorite Things

ImageEver dream your book was being made into a movie but it wasn’t a book you’ve written yet because you wrote it in future life?

Well, I was in bed by 8:30pm and up again at midnight after a major work-out of a dream.  I think the clothes in the future are weird.  I’m not all that enthralled with skullcaps knitted out of metallic yarn to begin with, and style takes a holiday from there.

Soooo…. I began thinking about things that cheer me up, like the photo-shop picture of Julie Andrews in the mountains of Austria that I saw on someone else’s blog:


Nun better….right?

Yes, I love the Alps.  Here are photos taken with a point and shoot disposable camera when they actually took decent pictures (and yes, I can take decent photos half-blind):

1.  A lake somewhere in the French Alps


2.  The small house across the street from the lake in the French Alps


3.    Where I landed strapped to a French guy after jumping off a mountain to go parasailing.


4.   Mount Blanc from afar.


These are a few of my favorite things.  And if you notice, not a single one of those pictures is of me actually IN the snow.  It was August and I was wearing my winter jacket.  Just because I love pictures of the Alps doesn’t mean I want to live there.

I’m going back to bed and hopefully will be able to dream about being in a hot tub at a spa, sleeping in the perfect bed, and waking up rested, happy and ready for the day.  

Unfortunately, the truth is that I’ll wake up more like this:


That hole you see is where my head was stuck in the clouds.

(p.s.)  Alarm went off seconds after Dingo Mutt licked my face.  The dream I’d finished a minute before was about….hmmm….what WAS it about.  All I remember is a man with a magnificent camera swooping to a pond filled with manatee or big fish and the message, “You’re missing the big picture.”   So I looked at the last picture again.  Those aren’t clouds–that’s fog.  And….OMG…there’s a mountain peering at me in the clearing.  If I’d tried to stick my head in the cloud it would have hit the mountain.  Who knew? (probably everyone who was paying attention).

Man, the things one misses in life when one doesn’t look at the big picture.  Now I know the (shutter) truth:  Deep down inside, I’m plagued with camera envy.