The monetary succubus on the unknowing ex


The monetary vultures are circling

All right.   I’m bent!   So he was my 3rd husband.  Just because I don’t want to live with him doesn’t mean I want to see him robbed blind and thrown away by a monetary succubus.

Here’s a message he’ll never hear from me and since he doesn’t use a computer he won’t see it:

Neither one of us is the least bit interested in ever living with the other again, and didn’t even when both of us were single.  There are mutual reasons for it that are valid on both sides. 

But for God’s sake, when your present volcano of a girlfriend demands you buy her a $500,000 home to live in with stairs you can’t climb so that you have to continue living in your present home—

ψ  aren’t the red flags flying around you at half mast?

ψ  Don’t you see the vultures circling? 

ψ  Aren’t the maxed-out credit cards and the fact she’s declared bankruptcy a clue?

ψ  If that isn’t enough, she lived with another guy while dating you and said he was a housemate.  Sure.  You betcha.

Trust me on this.  She will not hesitate to laugh in your face once she’s bled you dry and looked for greener pastures.  

Let me tell you what’s going to happen.  You’ll be stuck with her debt.  She’ll move on to the next guy, you’ll lose everything and be forced to move in with the kids–who love you–because you won’t have a pot to piss in.


Greek chamber pot


Please—does anyone out there have experience with fathers or grandfathers caught in the clutches of these monetary vampires?  Can you provide advice to the children who are going to be stuck picking up the pieces when she finally moves on to another patsy?