The Errrr Dog Commands


My bed, not your bed,

The Errrr Dog commands.

So spray me with water,

Bark out your demands.


My bed! No bargains!

Get down on your knees! 

I claim this clean laundry!

Desist with your pleas!


Do not enrage me,

My wrath will be great!

You think a mere milkbone,

sufficient for bait?


Yes, I am Errrr Dog,

The Alpha of all,

this basket my kingdom!

You show too much gall!


Go, puny human!

For now  I will sleep.

My kingdom is falling?

My bed in a heap?


I face the ceiling,

while covered in clothes?

My basket is taken,

A cat rubs my nose?


Soon they’ll respect me,

You just wait and see!

I’ll reclaim my standing!

—right after I pee.