Who you are in a 10 word sentence?




As I lay in bed with a 20 pound coon cat kneading at my face while lamenting the fact that I don’t have central heat, one simple thought popped into my not-quite-right brain:

Can a person adequately describe who they are in a sentence containing 10 words or less?

As other brother coon cat licked the syrup off the last piece of French toast I failed to protect, an answer popped into my not-quite-right brain:

Dyslexic half-blind complainer still alive out of sheer luck.

(I’ll substitute the word “complainer” for “writer” once my book is published)

Can you describe something about yourself, your personality and your life in fewer than 10 words?

I’d love to hear your answer…that is if you’re not too busy shopping for stuff you don’t need. Β