The Teeth From Hell Strike Again!

dentist stress

Not JC.
I’m Protecting the identity of a greatly overstressed dental student

Yes.  I was at the dental school all day today.  It was supposed to be a 3 hour tour (where did I hear that one from, Gilligan?).

A few weeks ago, JC talked me into doing a root canal instead of having my tooth pulled. Today he discovered it’s a type II root canal.

He learned a lot from today’s 6 hour marathon. 

I broke off part of a back tooth eating French Toast. JC looked it over and said, “That looks bad.”

I said, “If it needs a root canal, it’s getting pulled.”

He said, “Okay.”

Now that’s progress!

Here’s my really bad poem for the week:


I don’t feel much like talkin’

I’ve got the teeth from hell

Been sittin’ in a dental chair

and don’t feel very well.

Wore out my dental student

now he’s ready to bail.


I don’t feel much like drinkin’

been spillin’ all my tea

and water ain’t no different

there’s not much left of me.

’cause my root canals are crazy

they ain’t worth the degree.


If it’s a dental problem

as rare as scentless crap

my dental student’s seen it

when I open up my yap. 

He’s home recuperating

with a 10 hour nap.