The Migraine bullet in the game of genetic roulette


Imagine this on the right side of your head.
Or don’t….if you want to sleep.

Migraine:  God’s way of telling us the universe has a sick sense of humor.

Waiting for the medicine to work.  Using pressure points to relieve the pain.  

The migraines used to be worse…

      • before I started wearing dark glasses all the time

      • before I changed the light in my house to 40 watt bulbs and turned it into a cave

      • before I discovered the joy of having a text reader on my computer

      • before Excedrin Migraine and Maxalt

      • Before avoiding bright yellow as if it were the plague

      • before discovering pressure points by trial and error, and

      • before smoking was banned from restaurants and the work place

My sister and I were in our 30’s before she told me that my dad had migraines and so did she.  She’s fortunate she didn’t get Tourette Syndrome, too.

I hope the universe is happy.  It’s so annoying to be the constant loser in the universes game of genetic roulette.  

Yes, I’m well aware that things could be worse, but as long as my brain is on fire, the right side of my head feels as if it’s being used as target practice, and my eye socket wants to explode, I reserve the right to complain about it for a few minutes.