My computers are out to get me


I’m ready to chew a chunk out of my computer.
Can someone pass me the ketchup?
Anyone? Anyone

Ever feel as if technology is out to get you…as if somewhere along the line you’ve insulted your computer and now it’s going to hit you with the electronic version of a pissed-off cat taking a crap in your shoe?

First it was the desktop computer.  The hard drive had to be completely wiped and reloaded..   Now, my ancient laptop decided it isn’t going to start.  All I wanted to do was get 1 lousy email draft off of it but noooo….it had to decide it wasn’t going to play nice so now it’s trying to repair the problem…and trying….and, MAN IS THIS  A TRYING TIME!

It will probably still be trying to do a repair after I wake up again in 2 hours.

When computers work, they’re the best invention since the wheel and language.  But when they don’t work, it’s like having your arms cut off.

What are my plans for the rest of the work week?  I’m not quite sure–it’s going to be either a root canal or an extraction.  

You know you’re addicted to computers when you say, “I’d rather have a root canal  than a computer problem.”  

When I try to eat my computer and it breaks my teeth,  it’s nice to know there’s one thing in life I can count on. If nothing else works right, at least I can say with absolute certainty that I have the most competent dental student in the universe