Really. I’m Not Amused.

The “awake” me has had it up to my tracheal toilet with Dream World.  


Even the 20 pound coon cat is NOT amused when he sees the light.

Tail end of last night’s dream (quite literally).  I’m walking down a sidewalk, the street so narrow only 1 car could get through.  There are pristine houses on either side (as if these people have nothing better to do than clean).  Just before the dream ends, a pink-something flutters by my face, followed by a big gray house cat with a long tail leaping after it.  The cat’s mouth chews on the birds throat, the eyes open in death. 

I’ve had my share of cats who drag birds into the house, but a pink bird that looks like a kitten with wings?  Really?

 That one dead, the gray house cat goes after another pink kit-bird.

What pearl of wisdom is bestowed upon me after this amazingly ridiculous Dream?

At night

the cats come out

and catch the birds

Nooooo…you don’t say…

Why do I have the urge to go clean something?