The Creeping Crud is Packing its Bags

Two weeks and FINALLY…my voice is coming back.  Yes, my larynx has been in a coma for so long I was thinking about purchasing a communication device.


How bad was it?  First, it started with a left side migraine that felt like someone stuck an ice pick from the bridge of my nose through my cheek.  Then it progressed to sinus pain before laryngitis began.  Worst of all, the dogs thought I was dying.  How would I know?  They told me.  No, I’m not hallucinating.  When a dog sticks to you like glue, whimpers when they can’t get you up at 3am and you wake up with one dog wrapped around your head, one wedged on your left side, one wedged on your right, and 68 pounds of Fat White Dog draped over your numbed-out ankles–and they’re all whimpering in their sleep–you KNOW they think there’s a problem.


Not exactly encouraging.
Waiting for the vultures to land.

Between worried dog and you’re-killing-my-ankles dog, there was stare-at-it-until-it-moves dog


Doggie version of a cure.
If you stare at the human long enough the virus will leave.

Now that I’m off the yogurt and honey/chicken soup diet, I can say with certainty that the creeping crud isn’t something you take Dayquil for and expect to be able to work.  Since it’s spreading like a California wildfire, chances are that you, or someone you know, will be subjected to 2 weeks of viral hell.  

I’m happy to say that the Creeping Crud is finally packing its bags and heading out the door.