Randomneers Unite

The contents of my brain on a good day

According to blog experts advice, I should pick a topic and stick to it. Hell, I can’t even pick the socks I want to wear. A wad of socks falls on the floor, I pick them up and the first ones that match win.

The experts can have their 3,000 likes for their cooking blog or 20 million followers for their economic advice blog. I’m not good at cooking food or numbers. I do, however, excel at half-baked ideas.

One day I’ll wake up with a really bad poem roiling around in the space where my brain should be. Another day, Dr. Dog takes over. Sometimes I’m maudlin about long departed pets, family or friends. Some days I’m silly. Other days I rant. Consistency is good when you’re making pudding, but there are too many short circuits in my brain to expect it to write a 1-topic blog.


My brain is like the old radio with a short circuit. It’s never going to work right. Get over it.

The words “Earn Extra Income Blogging” make me want to run the other way.   If the rest of my life is any indication, making scads of money isn’t my destiny.

Too many years trying to please others chips away at your personality, and what you have left is a shell filled with the expectations of other people. Blogging helped me rediscover my “out there” sense of humor. Blogging helped me work through anxieties by exploring the ludicrousness in my concerns. I threw out the expectations of other people and the part of me I thought had died forever came pouring back in.

To me, the people who like my blog are the Randomneers of the world.  They’re the people who say, “I wonder what she’s going to come up with next?” Randomneers don’t just push the envelope, we paint it weird colors and laugh when the contents aren’t quite  what we expect.

Randomneers like the Chrises, Buffalo Toms, Bitter Bens, Austins, Melindas, LAPers, V.L.’s, A.D.’s, Cubbys, Shannons, Trackers, Megans, Grannys, Rachels and many I haven’t named aren’t content to simply think outside the box. We TEAR IT TO SHREDS!

I’m writing a blog because I can’t NOT write one and I’m hoping that I can make people laugh or cry (or laugh at my crying) along the way.