Moms like to have fun, too!  1980 001

Why can’t we have meetings while driving bumper cars?
Great way to take out frustrations!

I’m sooooooo tired.  How tired am I?  Here’s my really lame poem for the day:

Think kind, blank mind.

Think rose, rank toes.

Can’t  think, Can’t drink.

Don’t care if my feet stink.

stink feet

If you think that’s bad, I left a 2 hour meeting where the new guy-who was an hour late— came in to tell us all the wonderful things he was going to do, and didn’t bother to listen to the 7 other people in the room with 15 years experience who have


!!!!    IT.    DOESN’T.    WORK.     !!!!

On top of THAT, I had to write my way though the meeting because I have laryngitis.   Talk about frustrating!  Or don’t.  Have you ever tried to write out a scream?  It doesn’t have the same effect.


Quite literally, I just can’t talk about it.