Getting Leia’d


Yep. That’s me behind the mask
I’m wearing the only dress I ever made that came out perfect–with only one problem.
The back side of the material is what you see. I accidently sewed it inside-out.

The most fun I’ve had on Halloween: 

My 3rd husband was returning home and I was picking him up at the airport.  It was the late 1980′s–years before the TSA invaded. I rolled my shoulder length hair into a bun, then walked into the airport wearing the outfit pictured above, (a princess Leia mask and a paisley floor-length empire dress), 

Yes, I was allowed to go directly to the gate looking like that.

He was off the plane, looking around for me, glaring at the irritant in the Leia mask that wouldn’t get out of his way.  He whispered curses I won’t repeat.

“Where is she?”  He muttered.

“Don’t you recognize your own wife?” I asked. He stopped, looked at the mask and burst out laughing.  

What was your funniest Halloween moment?