New (useless) and Improved (cheap)


Fun with numbers. More towels but smaller sheets

As I sip on a nutritional supplement at 1am,  I contemplate the ways in which companies are trying to save money.  

I used to buy Scott Towels in a 10 pack.  They were strong, sturdy and when you took one off a roll, you got a towel, not a  piece of toilet paper for leather butts.

The day I tried to buy another 10 pack of Scott Towels, the only ones available were in a packages of 6.  But wait!  It was new, improved, with more towels per roll!  At least that’s what it said on the packaging.  So, I bought 1 package to compare it to the 10 roll.   The “new” paper towels were 1/3 the width and hard to differentiate between the dollar store towels my husband prefers.   

In other words, the manufacturer had retooled the words “new and improved,” and replaced the meaning with, “useless and cheap.”

Another example is the long, slender rectangle carton with the telescopic straw that I’m holding in my hand.   I’m fortunate.  I don’t  have fingers crippled by arthritis.  If I did,  trying to get the straw out of the plastic from hell would have been impossible.  


Fun with old people = the packaging from hell

Nutritional supplements also come in cans requiring a mouth contortionist to drink without spilling.  And the crap inside tastes like metal when you manage to get a few sips into your mouth.  The cruelest of all was the Sam’s Club Members Mark new and improved nutritional supplement packaging.  Open the lid and there was a plastic cover..  You were supposed to be able to peel it off, an error in their judgment I discovered at the wrong place (in a car traveling through the middle of nowhere)

It required a knife to penetrate.  How would I know?  In desperation, I ruined a pen trying to puncture it.

I wrote to Sams Club, complaining bitterly about my experience.  The next time I purchased the Members Mark nutritional supplement it was in cans. 

What new and improved (useless and cheap) packaging has plagued you in recent years?