Volcano Mouth of the South


Here’s a silhouette of me
while I’m sleeping.

Asleep at 6pm, up at 11pm.  Another day, another weird dream.

Tell me–who wants to  dream they’re taking a tour of their teeth while volcanoes erupt in the distance?

Is that what happens when all your body wants to eat for a day and a half is white bread French Toast with the cheapest high fructose maple-flavored corn syrup in existence?

What is it like to be me at this moment? Imagine you’re on a train going 20 miles per hour across the fallow Kansas Terrain in November.

Hey! Cut me some slack. The inside of a mouth is a violent place to live. Climbing around in it for 2 hours is exhausting–even in Dream World.

Yes, I did get some editing done on book 2. Am I the only one who can pick up the book they wrote a year ago, forget the plot, and be entertained by their own writing?


I must be turning into a dog.  It takes so little to entertain me.