Procrastination station

FloridaBorne vs. her brain.

All aboard this crazy train called the Loco Motive.


FloridaBorne! Get your butt into gear and get on this train. I don’t care if the bridge is out–you can’t be late!

You have 11 books to finish. That’s 2 one’s shoved together and they ain’t going to finish themselves.

Yes, the kitty looks cute laying on top of the printer from hell.

Yes, that sour face he made when he licked the tea out of your cup was cute, too. What are you doing? Don’t drink that!!!! What do you mean by, “I’ve ingested enough cat hair to know that a little feline saliva isn’t going to hurt me?”


Get on the damned train!

You’re kidding! You’d rather do a spreadsheet than edit? Get….on….this….train!

No. Not that! Not another 5 hour loop of “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” roiling through that mass of corrupted software insulting my synapses.

Stop petting the cat, go to your writing folder and click on the 2nd book. That’s right, now all you have to do is highlight the text, tell cyberbuddy to read to you and….

Where the hell do you think you’re going? Laundry? Don’t you dare get out of this chair! Don’t you dare climb over the barrier that nearly killed your eye! Don’t…

Yes, the Viszla Mutt is very cute rolled into a ball on that cat bed,

Why do I bother?