What do you want to be?


The “ain’t quite right” fairy godmother

Austin’s Friday Night Think Tank asked Modern Philosophers, “What Otherworldly Being do you most wish you could be?”

Funny he should ask. That dredged up a memory so old the dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth.

As a child of 4, I dreamed of being a fairy godmother. With a smile, a thick star-topped wand, and a chiffon skirt reaching to the mid thigh, the 4 year old me imagined conjuring dolls, toys and birthday cake for other kids with the flick of a wrist.


Did I want this because I was such a fantastically giving person? Not hardly.

Kids can sense when another kid “ain’t quite right.” It doesn’t matter if it stems from intelligence or corrupted software in the brain. I was smaller than the other kids my age, “different,” and no one wanted to play with me. As a fairy godmother, I would have the power to give people things. If I had something to contribute to others, I would be loved, wanted, sought out instead of feeling unloved, unwanted and pushed away.

Do I still dream of being a fairy godmother?  Not hardly.

I dream of being a published author.

  • What did you dream of being when you were 5 years old?
  • How does that differ from what you want to be now?