Time for an “ain’t quite right” story


Found this on the Internet years ago.
My kitties used to look at me like that

It’s Saturday morning 9am. Time for a story of love, loss and hope.

Once upon a time, a neighbor walked up to my husband with 2 tiny balls of fur in her hands. Though the story of why those balls of fur were lost or abandoned may never be known, they were found through the healthy lungs and searing cry of one very frightened brother.

Yes, 20 pound Coon Cat and his other brother Coon Cat were once that small. And who do you think has the screech that could scare away a witch? The one that ain’t so bright. It’s sort of like mounting a fog horn on a beat up old Volkswagen running on one cylinder–that’s possibly the only thing between it and being annihilated.

The 2 tiny bundles of fur slept next to me for months, one by the right ear and one by the left. I would go to sleep to surround sound purrs, deeply in love with the 2 kittens I nicknamed, “the boys.”

When they were tiny,  I took them to the vet in one cat carrier, bringing a smile to the vet assistant when they calmly stared at her through the carrier bars. They had no fear of being lifted onto an examination table by a stranger, calm as I placed them back into the carrier. Now, one of them can barely fit into the same  cat carrier. 

As the boys grew in size, they began to explore the outside world. By the time they were 1, they wanted nothing to do with me. My heart broken, I could do nothing more than watch them grow closer together as they became giant wads of fur that could have wrapped around our neighbor’s neck like a rich woman’s stole.

The  boys sleep next to each other, groom one another and eat side by side.  I complained to my husband about how much I missed the purring next to my ears. “They’re going through their teenage years,” He said. “They’ll want to be near you again when they’re older.”

Sure. Right. You betcha.

Well…it looks like he might be right after all. For 3 days straight, 20 pound Coon Cat has been hugging my lap as if it’s his best friend. Other brother Coon Cat does the same on occasion. One day, I may have 2 coon cats sleeping next to me, stretched out from my knee to my waist purring lightly as I fall asleep.

One can only hope.