Is nothing sacred?


After watching the stupid stunts pulled by the white house–
if we shut down the Federal Government in DC
would anyone care?
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One of the victims of shutdown by the vindictive bully in the white house who thinks he’s king is the copyright office. If you’re a writer and have an inquiry this is the message you’re going to get:

Thank you for your inquiry addressed to the U.S. Copyright Office.


Due to the lapse in government funding, the U.S. Copyright Office is closed, as is the greater Library of Congress. As such, the office is unable to update the information on this website, respond to inquiries, or process transactions. Registration submissions will be accepted for the purpose of securing date of receipt, but will not be processed. Website updates and all normal business activity will resume when the government reopens.

 Is nothing sacred?

What I don’t understand is this. 

  •  The president is closing down parks, some of which cost less to run than it costs to keep people out of them, ordering old veterans out of memorials.
  •  The president tried to close down the amber alert.  That didn’t fly and the website is back up again.
  • The president tried to close one national park that has a state road going through it and a governor said hell no–that’s a state road going through this park.
  • The US military has furloughed chaplains. Chaplains who insist on being…well…chaplains, will be subject to disciplinary action.

 Why is it that the democans and republicats still get their perks and salaries, but the government “shutdown” targets things that make money or don’t even cost as much to keep running as the total salaries of the president, congress and the use of Air Force 1 for a first family ski trip?  

So I looked on-line to find out what other stupid things the government is doing.

This is one of the links I found:

In a nutshell:

  • Cost of Clinton Presidency shutdown to taxpayers: about $1.5 billion in 22 days.
  • Estimated Cost of BObuma shutdown: between 12.5 million per hour and $1.6 billion per week

So then, what has been done to us?

There were websites created to tell us the

  • U.S. Dept of Agriculture website is shut down
  • National Park Service website is shut down
  • IRS website will be active (but you’re not going to get audited right now).
  • Capitol Hill’s Twitter feed will be hit–for certain accounts. It’s possible that the only tweets you’ll get out of them will be about Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government.

If you can’t close the monument, don’t let them in the parking lot

  • National Park Service closed off the parking lot to Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home. It’s privately owned so the NPS can’t touch this. However, in a petty move no one can fathom, they shut down the parking lot.


Take the pumps off a canal and keep the bicycles out of the scenery. 

  • The handles on the well pumps along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal that runs 184 miles were removed. Bikers aren’t allowed to ride the bike paths or enjoy the scenic waterway. Bikers, not to be dissuaded, are using the closed trails due to lax enforcement.

Piss off a bunch of moms

  • Angry moms are tearing down barriers around turtle park because kids love to play on the fake turtles.

While Lincoln Park stays open, national parks around the country are closed and thousands of us non-royal little people are being turned away.

  • Are we surprised? Not. Lincoln Park in D.C. wasn’t closed, nor were there any indications that it was going to close due to its proximity to “quite a few” Democratic senators.

Keep the people who defended our country during WWII out of their own memorial

  • Why should 80 year old WWII veterans suffer? It took a republican representative, Steven Palazzo, to stand with the veterans and push the barricades aside.

When can we vote out the idiots who paid more to send a bunch of goons out with barricades than it costs to maintain the DC monuments? Inquiring moms want to know.