A Drilling Experience.


The way my teeth would look if I were 20 and half of them weren’t gone.

Never try to eat when one side of your mouth is still numb.  Now I have to clean the drool off my favorite red t shirt.  

Tooth number 10, eaten up by the cavity monsters, is now a perfect composite sculpture that I’ll proudly wear in my mouth until the day I’m oven roasted and my ashes are scattered in Switzerland.

Or, my family can go the cheap route and put my ashes into a fancy container with the inscription, “I Urned This.”

My BAID.  This is meant to be a short thank you to JC, the dental student who continues to earn my respect through his hard work, his courtesy, and the fact that he laughs at my lame jokes.

You’re the best at numbing up a mouth, JC.  Your perfectionist approach to dentistry is appreciated!  You went over and above today and you didn’t disappoint the not-quite-right woman who is usually frightened out of her mind at the thought of getting a local anesthetic injection.  Know that there’s at least one  person in the world who deeply appreciates your devotion to your chosen profession.

Next adventure in dentistry?  Who knows what drilling experience awaits.   What I do know is that the restoration will be  excellent!