Frog Spotting

3am wake up dog!

Brain cells floating in a fog

Doing laundry, writing blog

Don’t step on the camo-frog.


What do you do at 3 in the morning when you can’t get back to sleep?


What do you do at 3 in the morning when you see a tuft of light brown and beige military desert wear on the floor? You wonder why it’s staring at you before it hops under the dryer.

I named it Camofrog.

What does a self-respecting Camofrog eat? Dryer lint?  Now I’m worried about Camofrog meeting his (or her) demise via death by dryer. It reminds me of a joke circulating around junior high (middle school) in the mid 1960’s. What’s green and red and green and red and green and red? A frog in a blender. That’s about as funny as it’s back-to-back counterpart. What’s black and white and red and black and white and red? A nun in a blender.

Did you know there’s a website that tells you not to touch a toad because it has poison glands, and another that tells you how to feed a pet toad?   Hell, maybe there’s a website for people interested in experiencing the wonderful world of recreational hemlock.

My BAID (My, but alas I digress).  Judging from the size and speed, it’s a young toad that finds enough to eat in my laundry room without my help. That’s sooooo not comforting.

More internet searches and I’m once again faced with the fact that there’s nothing new under the sun. Someone already came up with the name. 


I like a frog with attitude. But not in my laundry room.

Well, it’s not over yet.  I went down to the laundry room to put clothes in the dryer.  The look I got was what you see to the left.  I could swear that toad was smaller and spotted like a common toad.  Either I have 2 frogs in my laundry room or I need new eyes.

Maybe I should name it Camospot? I’ll consider it–right after I finish cleaning up frog poop.