The empty highway of creative thought


Mt. Blanc in France
As barren as my brain
Which could easily be called Mt. Blank at this moment..
(I took this picture on a trip to France over a decade ago.  If I mistook it for Mt. Dunce, please accept my apologies)

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you found yourself staring at your 5 year old 22″ monitor wondering, “Where did all the words go?”

Not that it’s unusual for bits and pieces of letters to disappear off and on, but I’m talking about the empty highway of creative thought not to be mistaken with gridlock.

Here’s an analogy:

Gridlock of the mind is to the empty highway of creative thought


anxiety is to the vegetative state.

This isn’t simply an empty highway, it’s more like being on a remote country road at 3 am, where the only sounds in my mind mirror the bark of a lonely dog:   Write…write…write, write, write.

But I’m dogged by a simple truth.  No words are answering.  The only thing my mind is good for at this moment is (shudder) editing.

I’ll write on my blog again once the creative part of my brain chooses to wake up.