How To Make Letters RED

I know this is a  RANT,

but I had a question from one reader wondering how I change the colors of the letters from the page standard to another color, so here goes…

Changing  the Colors of Life,

The Universe,

and Everything!

Open your post for editing, making sure you are in the ‘Visual’ mode by clicking on the ‘Visual’ tab in the upper right corner of the edit screen.

At the top of the copy block (the area where you can type your story) is a row of icons for bolding (B) Italicizing (I) , etc.  At the far right of this row is a funky-looking icon after an X with arrows on all the ends. Click on that funky icon and a second row of icons will appear below the first row.

The beginning of that row says Paragraph and the third icon after that looks like A . Click on the A and you will get a drop-down palette of colors. You can select any of those colors and the line under the A will change to the selected color.

Now, all you have to do is select the word or phrase you want to change to the new color and click on the A . Voila! You have changed the color of your type!

If you’re doing several different changes to a word (bold, italic, color, header size) it’s always a good idea to do the color first, then bold, then italic, then header.

Let me know if this helps.