Daily Archive: September 8, 2013

Mary Andrea’s Dilemma–last entry


Please read entries 1 – 4 where I explain I’m trying something new. This is the end of an unpublished short story I wrote years ago. I’d appreciate feedback about what you like… Continue reading

Topics not written about–and other insignificant things


I was asleep by 10pm. It’s now 2am and I’ve had my 4 hour nap for the night compliments of a cold wet Fat White Dog nose nudging an unsuspecting cheek. As I… Continue reading

Mary Andrea’s Dilemma–Entry 4


This is the 4th entry for my short story Mary Andrea’s Dilemma © 2011 J. Dempsey.  Only 1 more to go.  🙂   January 3    Today has to be one of the… Continue reading