Random Lazy Thoughts


The last time I seriously touched a piano
No animals were harmed in this picture,
but I can’t vouch for the photographer’s eardrums.

Today, I’m going to take the advice of BitterBen and be a couch potato. It means, I’m going to look at some of the answers I’ve given to other people and create a blog from it.

I’ll start today’s random lazy thoughts by including a random picture that, quite probably, will not be instrumental to the meaning of this blog.


Melinda: You’d have a true friend in Edgar Allen Poe (that’s a compliment)!

FloridaBorne: I consider that a great compliment, as one of Poe’s best works was Raven mad. (Can you tell I haven’t had my tea this morning?)


VL: What the f&$k/! There’s no Internet.

FloridaBorne: Being without internet is almost like being without your caffeinated drink of preference. However, I can always take an Excedrin migraine tablet, but nothing short of an internet connection will presently solve the problem of being without the umbilical cord of an interconnected society.

(I’m not sure I should have included that one. It almost makes me look smart. Almost.)


Melinda: For the first time in my life, I’m gonna find out what it means to ask ‘a pointed question.’

FloridaBorne: Kids are great at doing it. They don’t ask you, “Have you tried this great new body wash?” And then go on to explain how using that particular body wash changed their dating career. They simply ask, “Grandma, why do your feet stink?”


BuffaloTom: (If you haven’t seen his website, don’t miss this funny http://buffalotompeabodyblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/more-than-one-way-to-skin-a-cat/)

FloridaBorne: I almost lost the the drink in my mouth at that one! There’s something about gas masks on chorus girls that does that to me.

BuffaloTom: Obviously, gas masks, on anyone crack me up. I’m waiting for the army surplus store to send me a coupon for my free gas mask fitting!

FloridaBorne: That’s better than the guy who was pulled over because his left wheels were limping over the bumps on the center line of the road. When the cop stopped him, he asked why. The guy pulls out his white cane and says, “I was braille driving.”

BuffaloTom: Hahahahaha! Those bumps scare the hell out of me when I’m riding as a passenger!

FloridaBorne: And for good reason. There’s a joke that goes like this: I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather, not kicking and screaming like his passengers. (I suppose if I were one of those passengers, I wouldn’t be laughing, either.)


Melinda: I like the ‘and those that get in everyone’s way. ‘Reminded me of Woody Allen

FloridaBorne: I suppose we do have a few things in common, and one day I hope that will include a successful writing career. 🙂

My favorite scene in a Woody Allen movie was when he found a 200 year old Volkswagen and it started right up. I was snorting popcorn from it.


….and, one of the nicest compliments I can imagine ever receiving:

FloridaBorne: There are way too many Marvin and Nathan type characters in life. Far too few Lucy’s. The Lucy’s in life are the people who get things done.

Christopher De Voss: You rock Lucy!


Well, Chris, I’m ashamed to say that you might not think the same about me after reading this shamelessly lazy blog entry.

Thanks to all my cyber kindred who are helping to rekindle my sense of humor, sass, and an innate ability to formulate the worst puns ever.

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