Mary Andrea’s Dilemma–entry 2

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© 2011 J. Dempsey

November 8

We had the election and Mr. Anderson won. At least ½ the women are demanding a recount.  He’s in the bathroom talking to my father about the change, waiting until everyone left to talk about it.  He doesn’t want me there, but my father said I have to stay.

What a jerk!  He’ll agree to a recount if it’s done in the morning.  My father said no, because women can’t vote yet in outhouse time.  But Mr. Anderson refuses. He says that’s how it’s going to be done. Mr. Anderson says that when he’s mayor, his son will take over the diary. I look at his eyes and see the satisfaction of 3 years worth of revenge that’s finally going to find a place to happen. He told my father he’s going to make sure that we’re never allowed in the girls’ bathroom at 3:00 again as long as he’s mayor. My father is trying to explain what happens when new people move into town, or when they don’t make the change at least every 10 days. Mr. Anderson isn’t listening to anything but the sweet sounds of power and revenge echoing through his hollow head.

My father told Mr. Anderson that he’s still mayor until January and that he’ll just have to wait for a few months before making any changes. Ronald told my father that he’s going to marry me in the outhouse time zone and make me have a lot of children. My father didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but he’s learned not to show things on his face that he’s thinking in his heart.