Last night, I had one of those “feelings” like something catastrophic had happened somewhere in the world.  I’m talking Giant-Asteroid-Hits-The-Yucatan kind of catastrophic.   This is what I woke up to at 5am:

Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves plan to strike Syria  
Reuters / Joshua Roberts
Russia warns of nuclear disaster if Syria is hit
USS NImitz (AFP Photo / Navy Media Content Services / HO / Raul Moreno)
Americans widely oppose Syria strike despite drumbeat in Washington
People demonstrate against US intervention in Syria in front of the White House in Washington on September 3, 2013. (AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)
Am I being a little over-zealous in my approach to those nudges of doom I get periodically?  Probably not.  This information came from the RT  website.

Did you know that Larry King now has a show as an interviewer on Russian TV  (  Do you know who has been on his show?  Sharon Stone, Ron Paul, Oprah, and even Larry the Cable Guy. 

RT is where this information is coming from that I share on this email.

Hell–if Oprah was on Larry’s new show, every word RT utters must be true!

Here’s more proof that catastrophes are happening everywhere!!!!
Van Jones (Crossfire) and Amy Holmes (The Blaze) face off on the Larry King Show–on Russian TV regarding what the USA should do about Syria.  AND THEY AGREE!!!

Oh, the horror of it all.