Thank you friends I’ve never seen
For helping me fulfill my dream.

Almost a year ago I began my blogging career.

It began when I read the advice on a literary agent’s website: Go forth and blog.

My first reaction to blogging was, “Yeah…right…like that’s going to happen?”

My second reaction: A.n.x.i.e.t.y. A.t.t.a.c.k.

Frightened out of my mind at the prospect of blogging, my friend Vickie (with the patience to listen to me rant on about why I couldn’t do it) started a blog for us called Two on a Rant. It’s hard to believe that a year later 921 people want to read it. Being half blind and dyslexic, I had to scan over the number several times to be sure it wasn’t 129.

  • A giant whopping THANK YOU to all who are so supportive you’re willing to hit the “like” button.
  • Thank you to all who are brave enough to write comments.
  • Thank you Long Awkward Pause for Twinkie week (where my idea cost you as many readers as we have at Two on a Rant).

Blogging began as part of a journey toward publication, but it has taken on a life of it’s own.


My computer
Thanks you,

The book? Thanks for reminding me, Vickie–I almost forgot to mention it.

  • A heartfelt thank you to my sister whom, as detailed in earlier blogs, I mercilessly nagged until she agreed to offer her editorial skills for free just to get me off her back.

I’ve managed to wade through the copyright process for my book, Atto Run, but have you ever tried to wade through advice about Indie publishing using a text reader? That’s a foray into frustration I’d rather forget. Can you imagine how exciting it is to find another friend with experience formatting books for ebook publishing? He’s agreed to help me for free.

  • I thank all those paid, and unpaid, who helped me find my voice, my path, and the wellspring of my story…and

the last (but not least) on my thank you list is…

  • My humble thanks to God for showing me that obsession can be a valuable asset.