Zero Discrimination


This is your brain going bye-bye, a side effect of Zero Discrimination.

Have you ever dreamed that some poor teenage girl was raped in her parents home, had a baby because of it, her attacker went to jail and now she’s being told he has to be recognized as the father of her child and have visitation rights? Have you ever dreamed tanks were rolling through Boston and the only place you could get decent news was Russian TV and Al Jazeera because the USA was now a police state?

Wait a minute…uh…

I think I’ll go back to bed and stop reading the news. Too late. Can’t sleep. Zero discrimination has got me down.

Before some of you out there go ballistic and say, “Oh,no! She’s one of….those,” it might be prudent to take a look at the word discrimination.

You can discriminate between races, but you can also discriminate between right and wrong, have discriminating taste, and use critical thinking when deciding whether or not the 5’5″ foot tall grandmother walking through the TSA line with a cane is less of a threat than the 6 foot tall Arab guy whose eyes are spouting, “Kill the Infidel!”

Why, then, is he allowed through the line and she is singled out for search?

Just as apathy is political correctness on Quaaludes, the drive to do anything it takes to look like you aren’t discriminating is political correctness on Methamphetamines.

What, then, is the definition of Zero discrimination? It’s the act of having your mind so open your brains have fallen out.

I think I’ll consult the sleep fairy of Ibuprofen, get rid of the attempted-critical-thinking headache caused by overworking my brain at 5:30 in the morning, and try writing a blog tomorrow.