Break Week


The state of
… my old refrigerator
…my bank account
…the country
…the world…

This is break week. No, not as in spring break, but as in “to Break” in it’s purest form and in every sense, senses, since and scents of the word.

  • Do you sense a darkness in the farce? (not funny, is it)
  • Does nothing make sense? (If it does, there’s something wrong with you)
  • Does it seem to you that something doesn’t smell right? (As my mother used to say, “Something smells fishy in Denmark.”)

Since when does everything have to break all at once? Well, I did look up in the sky and see one lone chem trail spreading out over my house. I could blame it on that.

Why does it seem that at the very moment you’ve paid off all your debts–and life is running smoothly…

  • your refrigerator dies,
  • you need 20 million dollars worth of dental work,
  • your new color laser printer quits working,
  • everyone around you is going through a crisis,
  • and your toilet leaks?

I suppose it could be worse.

  • I could be living in Egypt or Syria. Their entire country is breaking.
  • I could be living in Israel, where the boulders of Islam loom overhead just waiting to fall on them.
  • I could be living in a county with a debt the size of the Rocky Mountains where a KGB style secret government program spies on all the residents. Uh…wait…scratch this last one.

What’s the solution? At this moment, it’s petting a cat.   It may not solve my personal petty crisis or the worlds problems, but the cat feels better.