Calling all dream interpreters. Can you make sense out of this one?

I was in a school courtyard walking along a path with my dogs through the center of it.  I arrived at the exit, walking toward my car with my oldest dog by my side.  I opened the car door to find that there was a dog with blue and pink checkered fur laying in the back seat of the station wagon.  It looked up at me as if to ask, “Can I go home with you?”  My husband appeared (out of nowhere–not uncommon in Dream World).  He asked if I was ready to go.  The dogs all piled in, I took the front passengers seat, we backed into the street and 2 gorgeous white horses ran past the car side by side, met by 2 other white horses going the same direction but coming at it from another angle.    It became dusk, we started to drive forward and a motorcycle sped by us.  A horse looked out at us from a window in the school as we drove the curve of a road.  That’s where the dream ended.

Anyone have a clue what that means?