And the Melting Chocolate Eyes Win…Again


The Melting Chocolate Eyes win. Again.

It’s 3am. I’ve just consulted with the sleep fairy called Ibuprofen.

Why am I awake? The short answer is Errrrr Dog.

The long answer: My legs were hanging over the side of the bed because Errrrr dog successfully left me with 3 inches of space.  Unless I can morph into Tinkerbell, that’s just not going to fly.

I tried pushing at what felt like fur covered concrete. It wouldn’t move. I turned on the light to confront the mass at the end of my bed. It looked back at me with wounded brown eyes that made me say, awwww!!!

That’s not the way to teach a dog to get the hell off the bed.

But…what was I supposed to do? I could swear he was saying, “Please love me, mommy.” How could you look into haunting eyes the color of melting chocolate and say anything BUT awwww?

Confident I wasn’t going to make him move, call him an ungrateful cur and shove him to one side, he sighed, closed his eyes, and fell back to sleep.

Yes. I fell for the oldest dog trick in their arsenal. And tomorrow, I’ll probably fall for it again.