Why I’m a Supplementie, not a Druggie


Thank you http://www.filmschoolrejects.com for the great picture from Back to the Future ))(…uh, III,
that sums up my life yesterday.

Yesterday is a reminder of why Armor Thyroid is the most potent “drug” I take.

Not that things are entirely back to normal (whatever that is), but at least I remembered to feed the cats.  Not that the cats are starving–there’s still plenty of dry food for them.   It’s just that I couldn’t bend down to get the can to open it or I would’ve ended up face down on a concrete floor.  Hmmm…half comatose while being needled to death by kitty claws as they try to coax me into opening a can.  Not a pretty thought.

The worst casualties of this foray into the prescription drug world were my husband’s schedule, my pride, a few insults thrown at the dental profession–and an empty can of nutritional supplement with the label torn off, dog teeth puncturing the sides of it.  The only dog in this house capable of chewing on metal and enjoying the experience is Dingo.  Unfortunately, when I’m spending the day feeling like I’m standing in a Dinghy in the middle of a hurricane,  whether or not the empty can made it from the counter into the sink isn’t my first priority.  My thought processes tend to be stuck on a 2 1/2 word mantra:  “Don’t fall.  Don’t fall…”

Yes, I admit I take a handful of supplements each day:  Turmeric, ginger root, etc., but those are the spices of life, not the drugs of despair.  The worst that can happen with supplements like that?  Every belch tastes like Indian food.  That’s a lot different than being sea sick without the benefit of a boat.

Sooooo….my apologies to anyone whose feelings were hurt during the last few days of the train wreck called my life.  But this is Earth.  Life isn’t fair.  Grow some gonads and get over it.   Yep.  I’m almost back to normal.  Whatever that is when you ain’t quite right to begin with.