Update on the Madness



We dont care where we throw it.


I just can’t believe it!  The things you discover when you start being able to see (a little) again.
I was prescribed Norco to ease pain.  I took 3 of them over a period of a day and a half (you can take 1 every 4 hours, so that’s not all that much).

I’m wondering what the doctor who prescribed this medication was thinking?
I know that the dental student, JC, consulted with an oral surgeon and couldn’t write out the Rx himself.  If the prescribing dentist had read the chart he would know I already have dry mouth–and nausea from gastroparesis.
The serious side effects include feeling light-headed, confusion, loss of appetite, nausea, and upper stomach pain.  They probably figured I wouldn’t notice.  I’m that way naturally, so why would I call and complain.  Were they thinking, “She’s old.  If she dies, who’s gonna know?”

Yes, I looked.  Paranoia isn’t one of the side effects.

It’s not like I’m dying.  The dogs were concerned, especially the white dog but she learned that if she’s on the opposite end of the bed I won’t fall over her again.  She was awfully cute, though, standing next to me on the stairs so I could hold onto her, walking up as I walked.    Why couldn’t the oral surgeon who prescribed this stuff have the common sense of my dog?
Then there are the side effects again.  Less serious side effects are dizziness, vomiting and drowsiness?  Really?  Since when is being light headed more serious than vomiting?   Did they think that since I already have tinnitus, blurred vision, and dry mouth that I wouldn’t notice an increase?
I have work to do!  I’m behind by 6 plans and have no hope of doing much of anything that requires thinking today.  Between this–and the prospect of having $100 worth of color laser cartridges thrown over a fence–I’m more than a bit ticked off.
I probably didn’t mention that the seller “found” a delivery address for the laser cartridges I bought.  Yep.   It’s the address that took months–and several nasty letters–to get FedUps to stop sending things to (ever had FedUps throw a box of cookies over a 5 foot fence and you don’t find it until a dog drags in a piece of the wrapper?   How about having $300 glasses rerouted without your permission or being told it’s going to happen so they can sit on top of a fence post for days?)   I have to  say that once I explained the problem to the seller, he was quite gracious about it.  He’s having it rerouted to an address I can live with.
The good news:  I’ve been sleeping a lot.  The bad news:  It’s a side effect of  the Narco–even though I haven’t taken it for over a day.  It just doesn’t want to get out of my system.
Excuse me while I go back to bed.  Again.  For the 4th time today.