Typed in 60 seconds. Education then and now.


Translation: This was my handwriting in 1969. Long before NASA stole my A’s. It slows me down so p isn’t b or d isn’t p. To people who say, “I can’t read your writing I say, “I’ll gladly type!” It’s a great deal faster. FloridaBorne.
(That took me all of 60 seconds to type and at least 5 minutes to hand write).


More on (or moron) changes that have happened since my birth.  Tonight’s treat is…



  • There was no such thing as a learning disability. I was in 1st grade when Rhoda asked my teacher, “Why is she hiding her paper?” The teacher’s reply? “She’s ashamed of her writing.”

  • I learned cursive writing in elementary school. Yes, my writing has always been terrible (see example above). I abandoned cursive in college when an instructor complained about my handwriting (again, I refer to the example above). Later, I settled on email and typed as much as possible. You can see why.

  • By the time I was in Junior High (called Middle School in other parts of the US) I could write the following sentences:

  • “If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” We would then discuss the meaning of the sentence.

  • “If a train takes an hour to travel to the next town and that town is 60 miles away, how fast is the train traveling?” That was called remedial math.



  • My 1st grade teacher would have been fired and Rhoda would have been suspended for bullying. (There’s a word for that: Overkill.).

  • No one learns cursive anymore. In fact, I’m not certain what is being taught in school.

  • I have, however, seen the results. Calculators have taken the place of remedial math (no other explanation is necessary). I’ve worked with 20/30-somethings of every sex, color and creed who, as high-school graduates, write like this: “He don’t no who he want for a frend. I help him find won.” The i’s, of course, have little cheerios over them instead of dots. It’s better not to put a dot over them at all (again, I refer to the handwritten travesty above).

  • What else should we expect when all aspects of English have devolved into this:  (1)  LOL BFF. Were r u? o i c, gps. c u n 10.*   (2)  It reminds me of the old joke about the Tennessee (or whatever state you hate) reading test–MR snaks. MR knot. OSAR! OIC. MR snaks. **

If you figured it out, congratulations–you’re a high school graduate.


       *Lots of laughs, best friend forever. Where are you? Oh…I see where you are on GPS tracking. See you there in 10 minutes.

    ** Them are snakes. Them are not. Oh yes they are! Oh, I see. Them are snakes.

Excuse me while I watch “Idiocracy” for the 7th time. What? You haven’t seen that movie? No participation award for you!