Happy Birthday to Me.


For those people under 40 who never had to use one.
This is a manual typewriter.
Type one word wrong and you type the whole page over again.
No number pad. No smiley faces, just letters, numbers


I’m in my 60’s and approaching another birthday.   I’m still an insufferable annoyance, I “ain’t quite right,” and have a host of other things I prefer to ignore until they rear their ugly heads.  But when it comes to writing, life has never been better!  I’m continually learning and through writing I’ve rediscovered my sense of humor. 

The size, shape and smell of your body is only a physical manifestation of age.  The minute you stop wanting to learn, you’re dead and don’t know it.  There is so much to learn, so many different flower scents to explore,  so much to write.  Why settle for mainstream TV, a bag of potato chips and a routine that leads to heart failure.

The good old days?  I’ll let go of my computer when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands!  

The only thing I miss about the “good old days” is the fact there was the absence of unconstitutional laws like NDAA and the Patriot Act,  and there was no NSA spying on everyone,.   But the frustration of liquid paper, carbon copies, and manual typewriters I can certainly live without.

My sister (who is older) took calculus a few years back while taking computer science courses.  The prof made the assumption she was going to be the worst student in the class.  She made an “A”.   I’ve met people in their 20’s who act like you’d expect someone to act when they’re 80.  Stereotypes are only good if you’re in a jungle, hear a growl behind a bush, assume it’s a predator and run like hell for your life. 

So….as I approach another birthday, I thank God for a second chance at life.