Generational Amnesia



My 2nd husband (all around good guy who died way too soon), my, father, and my son…
3 Generations of men getting someone’s goat.


If you’ve read my blog, you already know my viewpoint on insanity:  It’s an affliction inhabiting anyone still living on this Earth after the age of 5.


Talking about things that make you crazy: Sunday I was hit with a vestibular migraine. AGAIN. Man, I hate those things. It’s not like cancer or stoke, or a heart attack. It’s like the kid standing in back of you in elementary school continuously poking you with a hypodermic needle he found on the ground. Both irritating and,  though it isn’t going to kill you just yet, you don’t know what else it’s going to lead to in the future.  My BAID.

I’m having trouble standing up. Sometimes I can walk okay, but then the world starts to turn upside down and I’m holding on to a railing, wall, counter, or dog, waiting for it to pass. The rest of the time I feel like I’m walking sideways. It’s during times like these when my brain stops thinking outside the box and begins to explore the hell-hole in which said box is located.

If the new cliche is true, that insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, there’s a generational amnesia that seems to believe that if you fall into the same pattern and call it a different name you’ll get a different result.

It reminds me of abused women who believe a man when he brings her flowers and says, “I’ll never do that again.” You’d think she’d get it after the 2nd time and head for a shelter specifically set up for women who DO get it the second time…or 3rd…or 4th.

What are the reasons women give for going back? 

  • “I love him.” (If love isn’t a 2 way street and you’re headed in the wrong direction the result is a head-on collision. Guess who’s going to come out on top?)

  • “My kids need a father.” (You think he’s not going to beat them, too?)

  • “I can’t afford to live on my own.” (Dying at his hands is better?)

  • “I deserved it.” (It means you’d completely internalized his brainwashing and believe that dribble).

So he’s verbally abused you into thinking you can’t live without him. He has you so worn down that he can beat you and you think you deserve it.

How would I know? Here’s one of many examples. I asked my first husband (the drunk) why he couldn’t hold down a job.


  • His reply? “You have a job. It’s emasculating. It’s all your fault I can’t work. “

  • My reply? “Why weren’t you working when I met you?”

  • His reply? SLAP


That kind of logic is on par with the driver who explained why the accident wasn’t his fault: “I swerved to the left, I swerved to the right, but the tree hit me anyway.”

He would be hard pressed to explain to an insurance adjustor why a tree growing at the side of the road minding its own business is at fault.

How about taking it up a notch. What about residents of a country whose government is abusing them, giving them excuses like, “We’re trying to keep you safe.” In what way are the residents of that country like an abused woman?


  • “Right or wrong, I love my country.”

  • “It’s better than most countries in the world.”

  • “I have a home, mortgage, job. I can’t afford to rock the boat.”

  • “I didn’t stand up when the government increased it’s power, so I deserve the results.”

 Is there a universal law that says people have to have generational amnesia? Is there a reason why we have to go through cycles where 

  • we have nothing to lose so we fight for freedom,


  • we don’t want our children to have to live the same hard lives we were forced to live, or teach them how to make hard choices.

  • they grow up to be a bunch of spoiled brats more interested in things than in freedom and finally,

  • the next few generations steadily decline until they have nothing to lose so they fight for freedom.

  • I’ll go back to my original statement: Anyone over the age of 5 still living on this Earth is insane. How humanity ever got to the point where we have computers and airplanes would be a complete mystery if it weren’t for the fact that most innovations happen because of war.

    Please excuse me while I go back to bed. It’s unsettling the way the monitor is rocking back and forth. if we’re all in the same boat, why am I the one with sea sickness?