Today’s headache: Migraine with a dog chaser


What the white dog’s face looks like when I have a migraine.
Only swimmier

  • Today’s headache:  Migraine with a dog chaser.
  • Yesterday’s headache:  Migraine with a side of denial.
  • The day before yesterday’s headache:  Sinus with scattered migraine symptoms.

As I sit in an office chair so old the arms have been reinforced with duct tape, I ponder…

  • Why is there amnesia about migraine symptoms?   Shouldn’t I know by now that blurred vision and the inability to tolerate light from a 40 watt bulb are my first clues? 
  • Why would a migraine choose to plague me on a 4 day weekend?  Is there no rest for people who are insufferably annoying?
  • Why didn’t I take that migraine medication yesterday instead of waiting until I was craving the dark and so close to comatose I could be classified as a mushroom?
  • Why do dogs act so strange when you’re listlessly languishing in the dark?  The fat white dog refused to let me sleep, nuzzling my face or hands when I was drifting off.  It was like she thought I was going to die or something.  Or…maybe it’s just payback for refusing to give her that dog biscuit she was begging for earlier. 

One day I might understand the mind of a dog.  As for today, I just want my own mind back.