July 4th is not about fireworks or a day off


Timeless and not forgotten

This isn’t my usual type of blog, as I’m serious about my Constitutional rights.  I used to love celebrating July 4th. Now I feel as if I’m witnessing the death of a loved one. 

Not all people who believe in the fundamental principles inherent in the Constitution of the United States of America are gay bashing religious extremists.  That’s a stereotype on par with those uninformed people who believe that certain races possess a distinct character.  This blog entry isn’t about gay marriage, or who has the best religion, or if the Democans/Repblicats have found the true path. I care as much about those issues as about which movie actor is cheating on his wife. Those are all minor compared to the loss of our freedom, the fundamental principle upon which a great nation was created. Without the freedoms set forth by the Constitution, we’ll eventually exist in a country where there are no political parties, religion, or marital choices that haven’t been sanctioned by a tyrannical oligarchy.

There used to be freedom of speech and ability to express your thoughts in a USA

  • where people’s email and web surfing activities weren’t being stored by the NSA, or
  • where there wasn’t a Patriot Act or
  • where the NDAA hadn’t stripped away a legal US resident’s right to be free of unlawful search and seizure.

The USA I grew up in

  • still had the right to privacy,
  • the second amendment was your right to carry, and
  • there were still a few reporters who weren’t either in the pockets of special interests or threatened by a government that might not like what they had to say.

While the USA has never been perfect, because humans can’t be perfect, our founders added in an amendment process so the mistakes of the past could be corrected (such as slavery). That worked until presidents of all persuasions discovered the “Executive Order.”

I have to say, “God bless the USA by bringing back the Republic for which it stands.” Why? When tanks and soldiers have to go through Boston forcing people to allow them to search their homes, it means a USA that once made an attempt to follow the principles inherent in the constitution has morphed into a generic America that is a Police State.

I am saddened that on the day a great nation was forged there are legal US residents who can’t understand what they’re celebrating.  It’s not about fireworks or having the day off. The Constitution is the foundation for our country, not an optional, outdated document. We are supposed to live in THESE United States of America, not The United States of America. We are supposed to be legal US residents, not “American citizens.” Without a firm understanding of the reasons why these concepts are fundamental to our Republic, our nation is doomed.

If there is such an entity as an angel guiding These United States of America, she can’t be happy about the way we’ve forgotten what a Hitler, Stalin or Castro can do to a populace. We are not supposed to be American citizens (wards of the state). We are supposed to have inalienable human rights as born or naturalized (assimilated) legal US residents who believe in and follow Constitutional principles.  

No matter what your race, color or creed.  No matter if you pray, how you pray, to whom  you pray or what you pray to–hope that if there’s a next “angel” in our future it’s not the angel of death.  For if we no longer remember the foundations upon which a great country was built, we’ll be ill equipped to fight him off.